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About Paul

Paul Hallmark is a well-known long-term care educator and adviser. He is a senior partner of a national insurance agency in the long-term care industry and works with people all over the country. He has advised business owners, employees, and retirees from a very broad range of business and government entities. He also has extensive experience working with financial institutions and alumni associations helping members analyze their long-term care options. He is Past President Long-Term Care Forum for the State of Colorado.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Colorado, and he is a Trusted Advisor and Educator with Dave Ramsey, a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Certified Long Term Care Specialist (CLTC) and a Member of the National Ethics Association. Over the span of his 26+ year career, he has served on numerous advisor boards in the long- term care industry along with being a national trainer to the industry.

Paul and his wife Alejandra have a love for family and travel.  They enjoy spending their free time with their two grown children or outdoors in the mountains or at the ocean.

Our Mission Statement

Simply put, our mission at Capstone Planning Solutions is to teach and educate folks so we can help them develop a game plan to protect themselves and their families from the catastrophic expenses of long-term care:

  • For some it might mean preserving assets to educate grandchildren.
  • For others, their goal is keeping the family business intact so it can be passed on to yet another generation.
  • Some want to protect their spouse from the financial burden or keep from outliving their money.
  • Still others desire to maintain their independence and choose quality care in their own homes.
  • Many appreciate the protection that can keep the burden of the care giving off their extended family.

Whatever the goal, we quite literally “shop the market” for each client. We have a variety of resources and computer software programs that enable us to analyze and compare all the policies available in the state to find the products that offer the best advantages for each client given their age, health, and desires they seek to accomplish.

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Customer Reviews

We would highly recommend Paul Hallmark at Capstone Planning Solutions.

Melanie M

His service was exceptional

Kelley W

Paul was extremely professional, and all my questions and concerns were answered

Marianne W

Paul Hallmark was instrumental to me in the long-term care coverage process.

Rebecca V

Paul was very helpful through the entire process

Cheryl H