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  • JV

    “I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I am enrolled with a Long-Term Care Policy through the Colorado Society’s recommended agent, Paul M Hallmark with Capstone Planning Solutions, LLC. 
    Paul walked me through the process very professionally and he is a pleasure to work with, unlike the AICPA’s recommended agent with New York Life (which was a terrible experience).
    I highly recommend Paul!
    Thank you for the recommendation.”

  • BG

    “I wanted to reach out and let you know that my husband and I had an excellent experience working with Paul Hallmark in purchasing long-term care insurance. He did an excellent job explaining what can be very complex coverage to understand. He was patient, very informative, and followed up with all items in a timely manner. 
    Thank you to the Colorado Society of CPAs for providing this referral.”

  • AH

    “My Husband and I have been working with Paul Hallmark on the Long-Term Care Insurance offering from the Colorado State University Alumni Group.

    We’ve had such a wonderful experience with Mr. Hallmark! He did an outstanding job to clearly explain the different options and make recommendations for our specific situation. He gave an excellent presentation which was very informative. And he gladly met with us several times to answer our questions.

    We are grateful to Mr. Hallmark also for accommodating our schedule, as we are both working people. He was so gracious to meet with us at the end of the workday.

    Mr. Hallmark kept us updated on the status of our application, Medical Record pulls, blood draw tests, approval, etc. He was so happy to answer all of our questions and quickly responded to our email messages and telephone calls.

    You all are doing a great service to the Colorado State University Alumni by giving them access to Paul Hallmark from Capstone Planning Solutions. He is excellent and very knowledgeable. His guidance was greatly valued. And his demeanor was personable, friendly, and most professional.

    Many thanks to Mr. Hallmark for his important and valued work. And thank you CSU Alumni Association for making the connection and introduction for a critical need for your Alumni with this Long-Term Care Insurance offering.

    Thank you very much. Thank you, Mr. Hallmark!”

  • RH

    “I wanted to let you know that my wife and I just completed putting a long-term care insurance policy in place through Paul Hallmark at Capstone Planning Solutions, LLC and we had an excellent experience. Paul was great to work with and I recommend him for anyone looking for help working through this complicated process. Paul was patient in explaining things, thorough in answering our questions, and very easy to work with. He found the policy that fits our needs and it was a simple process working through Paul to get it up and running.”

  • KA

    “I am an alumna of CSU and hold a BS degree in Business Administration. I graduated in 1978. My father was a CSU professor and our family has a scholarship fund at CSU. My daughter is a Senior at CSU in the College of Journalism. In addition to that, my mother earned a Master’s degree and my brother has a BS degree from CSU. 
    I say all of this because I am very proud of CSU and happy to learn about the long-term care insurance program on the CSU website. I contacted Paul and he met with me earlier this year. He was very helpful and professional and I now have this important coverage. 
    Thank you for the program and I will refer anyone who is interested to Paul. He has been wonderful to work with.”

  • DS

    “I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the Long-Term Care support we received from Paul Hallmark at Capstone Planning Solutions.

    I actually used to determine pricing for LTC plans right after I graduated from CSU with an Actuarial Science degree. As I’ve gotten older (I’m 48) and have had some family members need LTC, the postcard you sent got me thinking, so I sent it in.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but even with my extensive training in pricing LTC plans, the market has changed, and Paul was able to easily and fully explain the new options. He helped us determine the best fit and was friendly and professional throughout.”

  • JJ

    “Though it is late in coming, we wanted to send along a note about the service we received from Paul Hallmark in arranging for our LTCI. Paul was very helpful in answering questions we had and in giving us the tools & information we needed to make an informed decision. It was even easy to do via the internet! We will refer Paul to others who want to look into LTCI.”

  • RM

    “Paul did a very professional job in explaining and tailoring a long-term care plan suitable for my needs and that I could afford. I was a little apprehensive at first about doing this over the phone, but after Paul took me through the options available using the internet and phone, I felt very comfortable in what Paul presented. I know Paul will be there if I have any questions. Job well done!!!!”

  • CJ

    “Paul and I met early in June and he was very thorough and professional. He walked me through the process and explained how LTC insurance works and what is covered. We selected a plan which suited my needs not only for insurance, but which was affordable for me.

    My plan was approved quickly, so Paul met with me again and went over all of my policy. He was very professional and knowledgeable again.


I strongly suggest using Capstone Planning Solutions and Paul Hallmark.

    Thank you.”

  • EE

    “My wife and I recently purchased long-term care insurance. We had been considering the cost and benefits of long-term care insurance for the past several years. We did a lot of research on our own. But we procrastinated because we were uncertain about the potential value and which insurance company, benefits, and optional riders to choose. Finally, we decided that we needed expert advice and contacted Paul Hallmark.
    Paul was a great help. He not only understands long-term care insurance, he anticipated our concerns, fully answered our questions and kept us informed as we went through the application process. As a result, we are comfortable that we made the correct decisions. We appreciate and thank Paul for his guidance.
    Thanks also to the Colorado Society of CPAs for providing Paul’s contact information.”

  • Ramon Martinez Profile Image

    “Five stars!!!”